There are far more knowledgeable people than me who toil away at trying to make a difference in the world.

I write what I see, read and hear. You may not agree with me, but we are all entitled to our opinions.

Whoever is right about one of the most serious problems we are facing – climate change – makes a difference to me. All I know is we are experiencing more extreme weather around the world. Habitats like the rain forests continue to disappear. Animals are threatened with survival.

What I see is a world in turmoil, a world set on its own path to… who knows where?

For example, why would anyone be interested in the fate of one species, when humankind is battling with its own survival? There seem to be too many of us, chasing too few resources to stop and think “what the hell?”.

Gondwana Solutions Climate Change polar bearSo, how does the survival of the polar bear make a difference? Let’s face it, very few of us will ever see them in their natural habitat. I would love to go to the Arctic and have someone show me what the polar bear has to cope with now. How changes in the climate have affected it?

In my opinion, it should not, though, be a case of out of sight, out of mind. It could apply to any number of species in the animal kingdom that are battling in a number of different habitats around the world.

The loss of a species has a domino effect on:

  • The environment.
  • Health.
  • Economies.
  • Bio-diversity.
  • The food chain.
  • the list continues.

Too often we see a problem one-dimensionally, where we should be scratching under the surface to find the real cause of an event, not just a symptom.

Einstein said that a problem could not be solved at the same level at which it is created.

So, if the warmer sea in the Arctic threatens the very sea ice the polar bear needs to survive, we have to go one step up to find the problem and solve it. In this case, it could be global warming – the pollution of harmful gases in the atmosphere caused by man-made industrial processes.

The denialists will refute that; who knows if that is big business talking through the lobbyists. Big oil, coal, gas, transport… all require industrial processes to make their products. That entails burning fossil fuels, creating smoke that is pushed into the atmosphere from smokestacks at power stations, industrial plants, etc.

The polar bear and others threatened with extinction may be just a casualty to millions, but a disaster to others.

What is it to you? Can you make a difference? In change, it only takes one to see the logic and others can follow. Be the change in yourself. Be involved. Have an opinion. Don’t be the one to sit back and shrug your shoulders.

The more we know, the more pressure we can put on politicians. They can spin anything away from the real problem, and will often only look at a solution when their credibility is questioned at party or personal level.

Truly, they have forgotten it was people like you and me who elected them.