Industrial waste management has become an essential part of industry operations since the ghastly effects of industrial pollution have come to light. More and more businesses are realising the contribution their operations could be having on global warming, air, water and soil pollution, the extinction of wildlife and the negative impact on human health.

  • What is Industrial Waste? 

Defined as: “Solid, semi-solid, liquid, or gaseous, unwanted or residual materials from an industrial operation”, industrial waste is responsible for approximately 50% of all pollution.

Becoming aware of the negative impact that industries and factories have by releasing various pollutants into the environment including on the land, air and water resources, many businesses owners and managers have attended environmental courses.

  • What is Industrial Waste Management? 

Industrial waste management is a prudently crafted plan to dispose of the solid, special or hazardous wastes that are generated by a process in an environmentally conscious manner. It includes the likes of total waste management solutions (storage, collection, transport and disposal), hazardous waste management, waste management planning and even site remediation.

  • Does Your Business Need Industrial Waste Management?

Even seemingly innocuous industries produce hazardous waste. Take a look at the table below to see for yourself:

Chemical Manufacturers Acids and Bases
Spent Solvents
Reactive Waste
Wastewater Containing Organic Constituents
Printing Industry Heavy Metal Solutions
Waste Inks
Ink Sludges Containing
Heavy Metals
Petroleum Refining Industry Wastewater Containing
Benzene & other
Sludge from the Refining Process
Leather Products Manufacturing Toluene and Benzene
Paper Industry Paint Waste Containing
Heavy Metals
Ignitable Solvents
Construction Industry Ignitable Paint Waste
Spent Solvents
Strong Acids and Bases
Metal Manufacturing Sludges containing
Heavy Metals
Cyanide Waste
Paint Waste
Source: Environmental Protection Agency, Solving the Hazardous Waste Problem: EPA’s RCRA Program (Washington, DC: EPA, November 1986), 8.

Gondwana Environmental Solutions 

Many companies that do not have access to the correct waste disposal facilities or the know-how when it comes to environmental waste management processes hire the services of a professional environmental waste management team such as Gondwana Environmental Solutions.

Alternatively, you may want to exercise your option to keep it in-house. Our environmental management courses and air quality management courses have become exceedingly popular over the years.

Whichever option works best for the industrial waste management of your business, contact the team at Gondwana Environmental Solutions today.