The Knowledge age places so much information in front us, none more confusing than climate change, global warming, extreme weather – and the ultimate survival of the planet. The debate scares me, the future looking grim, even though it will not ultimately affect me, because of my age, but it will my family – and theirs.

There are people around the world who have been trashing this one home we have for years. Persons of high standing, international organisations that preach sustainability, which donate money to the right causes. They hide behind campaign contributions, lobbyists, smoke and mirrors created through disinformation. In many ways, they are no better than war criminals: they have declared war on humankind, irrespective of sex, religion, politics, race, or country.

Theirs is the “right” to milk the planet, earn vast amounts of “blood” money, treat the man on the street as an idiot and put their families in harm’s way. They should be stopped; they need to be stopped. We have let them get away with it. We have turned away from criticism, become immune to pleadings from organisations that rail against them.

These denialists are like paid assassins, not of one or two people, but of nations. Too strong for you? Not interested?

We continue to turn the other cheek. The weak will not inherit the earth, not on their terms. We rightfully worry about the Middle East, increasing threats of terrorists, but these are minor infringements when weighed up against Mother Earth.

Why all the fuss? Why should any of us be bothered by some event(s) that will happen years, decades, millennium from now?

Why? We can halt it and decrease the risk of an Armageddon if we act now but this cannot work with the passion of an “Arab Spring”. However, thought through carefully, it can work – we want to win the peace, not the war. We want a global community that can be proud of what it has achieved in a sustainable solution for the world. Much of the thinking has been done, but we must rule politicians out of the solution – they are part of the problem. We need a Coalition of Minds, a think-tank of practical people to set the world right; to go beyond our national boundaries; to speak one language – the survival of Earth.

First, the world’s major polluters – the United States, China and Russia – must take responsibility for reducing emissions of mostly carbon monoxide (CO2) pollutants they pump indiscriminately into the atmosphere. In laymen’s terms, these “greenhouse gases” are warming the planet.

Let’s not be euphoric here: this change in thinking will not happen without a fight. Ask President Barack Obama how his efforts to cut emissions have been blocked in Congress. One of his original 2008 election promises was this very subject. In his second term – and running out of time – he is trying to get around Congress by using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). See article at

Unfortunately, all is quiet from Obama and the EPA on this subject. We do hear, though, an awful lot of noise from mainly Republican senators denying climate change. You have to ask the question: “Which planet are they on?”