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7 11, 2016

Atmospheric Emission License (AEL) Application

To get an idea of the importance of Atmospheric Emission Licenses, take a look at some recent news headlines regarding air pollution: “Air Pollution Is Linked to a Diabetes Marker”, “Air Pollution Kills 20 000 Per Year In South Africa” and “Air Pollution Costs Trillions And Holds Back Poor Countries”. In South Africa, one of [...]

16 06, 2015

How can we begin to understand climate change when there are so many differing opinions

The Knowledge age places so much information in front us, none more confusing than climate change, global warming, extreme weather – and the ultimate survival of the planet. The debate scares me, the future looking grim, even though it will not ultimately affect me, because of my age, but it will my family – and [...]

2 02, 2015

No man is an island

even if he believes it because he lives on one George Monbiot is a well-respected blogger on all things "environmental". He is one of the lead columnists in the UK's Guardian newspaper, now one of the most widely read newspapers in the world, thanks to its forward-thinking owners who continue to increase its digital footprint [...]

20 01, 2015

What’s at Steak ?

Countless initiatives are on the go to reduce greenhouse gases, from reducing the burning of fossil fuels to giving up eating steak. Our favourite whipping boy may be coal-fired power stations, but there is increasing focus on cattle. Such a shift from industrial to pastoral may take you by surprise. But we are not talking [...]

25 09, 2014

How the world stumbles – towards a climate Armageddon

The Inability of past governments to get to grips with climate change has been with us for over two decades. Their insular, nationalistic approach to the global crisis prevented the UN from implementing an overarching solution for the world. Unless you have been hibernating, you will have heard and read of global warming and climate [...]