By Alan Banister 

How do you stop Trump in his tracks? Easy: ask him to go through his statements of environmental issues to see what a shallow mind he has.

But, after all, he’s a Republican, who believes in less interference from government and more control vested in individual States. He has built a veritable “house of cards” on the environment, which is sure to come down in a heap if he ever sits in the White House.

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Take his latest on the drought in California. ‘There is no drought’, he says.’ If I am President, I will see you have water’. Well, that’s going to take a mighty divining rod, Donald. The State’s major dams are all but empty because the once-mighty Colorado River is running well below its normal levels. There just isn’t enough rainfall, Donald and no imaginary tap is going to change that.

And what about the threat to the environment if coal is re-introduced into the US energy mix. Of course, in suggesting this change, Donald is pandering to the coal lobby and States that have been affected by the switch to natural gas that has closed pits and put miners out of work. His presidency rival, Hillary Clinton, is prepared to put $30 billion into those areas to develop other industries. Now, that is a plan that addresses a real need. Incidentally, Donald will dismiss States surrounding the coal states of West Virginia and Kentucky, as they suffer the air pollution of the neighbours.

Maybe if Donald continues his promise of more isolationism, he will tackle the imports of cheaper coal from Columbia, which has caused the closure of several marginal coal mines in Appalachia in recent years. The Columbian coal is of excellent quality and costs $15 per ton to ship to coastal power plants than the $25 per ton from the West Virginia and Kentucky mines.

Donald scoffs at renewable energy, which now supplies 7% of the US energy mix. Not surprisingly, solar is minimal considering the variable weather in the US. Coal, in relation, is scaled down to 33% from a high of 52% in recent times. The provision of natural gas at 33% represents a substantial rise and has cut emissions to new lows.

Donald takes a baseball bat to the EPA (The Environmental Protection Agency), which attempts to impose a State-wide strategy on clean air and is part of the climate “cover-up”, despite 97% of climate scientists worldwide who acknowledge it. But this is the true Republican, all over again. Trump promises to reverse any US enactments from the recent Paris COP21 on emissions, again disappearing behind the “US wall” and causing grave concerns to governments that are complying with agreed emission targets.

All in all, the man is the Joker in the pack, but not funny.

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