Environmental Services: Environmental Courses for businesses and individuals

Businesses can benefit from having their own in-house environmental management expertise. Individuals can complete an environmental management course to enhance their general environmental management understanding.

Environmental managers are required in industries where environmental, conservation and sustainability issues are vitally important.

Of course it’s not only those who are looking to follow a career in environmental management who can benefit from this course. Companies that want to ensure that environmental responsibility becomes the task of each and every employee can benefit from group business training in environmental management.

An environmental manager has serious responsibilities and by attending an environmental management course, you will be able to handle the following responsibilities:

  • Implementation, management and maintenance of the environmental management strategy or plan of the business.
  • Address critical environmental issues caused by the business.
  • Improve environmental sustainability of the business.
  • Effectively manage all policies and procedures relating to to recycling, waste disposal, pollution and conservation.
  • Head up the company’s corporate environmental social responsibility policies.
  • Ensure the company is operating in accordance to the environmental laws, legislation and regulations in place.

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Our environmental management course at Gondwana Environmental Solutions focuses on the following content:

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Our Trainers

  1. Tiby Mozes
  2. Stuart Piketh
  3. Sonja Shear
  4. Peter Teurlings
  5. Martin van Nierop

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