1-Day Course – A Business Approach to the Environment

The state of green business is improving, as companies both large and small learn the value of integrating environmental thinking into their operations, in ways that align with core business strategy and bottom-line goals.

Adopting a business approach to environmental management can help companies with a host of strategic imperatives, including obtaining or maintaining license/permits to operate, engaging policymakers to improve the business enabling environment, strengthening their value chains, and fuelling product and service innovation to capture new markets and grow revenues.

On this 1-day course, presented by Peter Teurlings, which will be held in Johannesburg on 21 June 2017, a comprehensive range of topics will be covered using case studies to showcase the financial, economic, customer or client, legal, marketing and labour relations considerations that are impacted by taking the right approach.

Topics covered include:

  • Due Diligence Process (e.g. Phase 1 and 2)
  • Environmental Management Systems (e.g. ISO14001)
  • Supply Chain Management Systems
  • Sustainability Planning (e.g. Environmental Fiscal Reforms, King IV)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes
  • Economic Benefits of Caring for the Environment (e.g. Cost-Benefit Analysis, Climate Change, Carbon Off-set)
  • Environmental Retainer
  • Environmental Permitting (e.g. EIA, WUL, AEL, WML)
  • Environmental Management Plans/Programmes
  • Environmental Review of Engineering Designs
  • Monitoring and Auditing (including EMI)
  • Environmental Assurance

Book now for R 3 500 plus VAT, Early bird discount: Pay only R 3 000 plus VAT if booked before 26 May 2017. A certificate of attendance will be issued.

Venue: 562 Ontdekkers Road, Roodepoort, Johannesburg

To book email info@gesza.co.za or go to www.gondwanagroup.co.za.

Course presented by Peter Teurlings on behalf of TMC

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