2-Day Course – Environmental Management for Infrastructure Projects

South Africans tend to ignore sustainability considerations across all social and public/private strata. There is thus an extreme absence of awareness regarding the true costs of infrastructure and its environmental impact. Users do not pay anywhere near the real costs of water treatment and supply, electricity supply or waste management services, and this encourages high levels of wastage and civic disrespect for and neglect of infrastructure. This is a problem because of it’s detrimental environmental, financial and social impact, which encourages avoidable squandering of natural resources and, in practice, discourages users and suppliers from seeking alternative outcomes.

The course deals with ‘built environment infrastructure’, that is, buildings and engineering infrastructure (e.g. water, sanitation, waste, and electricity generation, transmission and distribution) that facilitate economic production or serve as inputs to production (e.g. electricity, roads and ports). The only infrastructure that is in the ownership of the public sector (including state-owned enterprises such as Eskom and SANRAL) will be presented.

This 2-day course, presented by Peter Teurlings, to be held in Johannesburg on 21 and 22 May 2018, is aimed at local government officials involved in infrastructure, town planners, civil engineers and environmental consultants and will, inter alia, cover the following topics:

  • What is the difference between conventional and green infrastructure?
  • Which legislation needs to be complied with during planning, design, construction and operation of infrastructure? (with case study of a dam)
  • How to plan for the installation of infrastructure from an environmental perspective? (with case study of the planning of a gas pipeline)
  • What are the environmental impacts and liabilities of the design and construction of infrastructure? (with case studies of a transmission power line and a wind energy facility)
  • What types of construction methodologies are possible for the design and construction of infrastructure? (with case studies for the replacement of a water supply pipeline and a new pipeline crossing a river)
  • What mitigation measures are available to avoid environmental attributes? (with case studies of a national road and a landfill site)
  • How to audit after infrastructure has been commissioned? (with case study of a railway line)

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Venue: 562 Ontdekkers Road, Roodepoort, Johannesburg

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Course presented by Peter Teurlings on behalf of TMC .

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