The course over three days (11-13 September 2018) is aimed at an introduction to the theory and practise of stack emission monitoring and how to use the information from the monitoring campaigns in dispersion modelling, impact assessments and process optimisation.

Selection of topics covered:

  1. Theory of flow in stacks
  2. Theory of Isokinetic Measurements
  3. Particulate matter in flue gas stacks
  4. SA Emissions Standards
  5. EPA methods for stack emission measurements
  6. Emission Normalisation
    1. Flow
    2. Oxygen
  7. Stack Flow Measurement
    1. Practical Component: Measuring flow in simulated stack
  8. Measuring PM10 in stacks.
  9. Stack gas composition and measurements
  10. Stack composition and boiler efficiency
  11. Mass Balance Calculations
  12. Combustion processes and NOx emissions
  13. Abatement Technology and efficiency testing
  14. Emissions Inventory calculations
  15. Process Optimisations

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Venue: 562 Ontdekkers Road, Roodepoort, Johannesburg

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