Awareness of how businesses impact the environment is becoming an increasingly important aspect of running a successful organisation. Apart from the need for businesses to comply with environmental regulations, companies are looking to the future and sustainable environmental management is becoming the norm, both from a compliance and an ethical point of view.

There are certain types of industry, especially construction and manufacturing, where environmental conservation is essential. However, all businesses can benefit from a strategic environmental management programme that assesses environmental impact and provides sustainable solutions.

Sound environmental management has many benefits

Environmental management involves assessing the impact that a business has on the environment and developing strategies to manage this impact. The plan should include solutions for recycling, waste disposal, pollution and conservation; as well as compliance with any environmental legislation.

A company that abides by environmental regulations not only complies with the law but also upholds their ethical responsibility to conserve and protect our environment for future generations. In addition, many successfully implemented environmental management procedures benefit the company further by streamlining processes and thereby reducing operation costs.

Environmental management courses

Gondwana Environmental Solutions offers courses for environmental managers that provide an overview of environmental management in a variety of situations. These courses are superb for environmental managers who wish to increase their knowledge but are also beneficial as group business training courses for companies who wish to highlight that environmental management is the responsibility of every employee.

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We have several environmental management courses planned for the upcoming months:

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