Environmental Services: Air Quality Monitoring

Gondwana Environmental Solutions understand the importance of your business complying to local legislation when it comes to ambient air quality and we are here to assist you and to provide you with professional air quality monitoring services.

Through our specialist air quality monitoring services we provide the best advice on air pollution. In industrial, government and private entities, ambient air quality can become a real concern.

To understand the nature and extent of air pollution on the air quality, air quality monitoring, dustfall monitoring, and stack monitoring can be used. With the help of our professional air quality monitoring team and with the use of the right specialised equipment, you can make better management decisions in a cost-effective way to manage your ambient air quality.

Gondwana Environmental Solutions focuses on air quality monitoring systems and utilizes best in class equipment designed for monitoring the outdoor environment (ambient air quality).

The impact of a business on ambient air quality can negatively affect the profitability of the company as well as the health of the community. Poor air quality can also lead to long-term environmental damage.

If you want to mitigate the risk on your profitability, you need to consider the following. Excessive emission of pollutants may indicate that the process is not being operated optimally, and if this is fixed, you have a process that is running more cost-effectively and polluting less. Further to this excessive emission, especially those above the minimum emission standards for listed activities, may result in fines or requirements from the authorities to put in place costly mitigations devices.

To ensure you are operating in a clean and safe environment and without allowing air quality issues which could destroy your company’s corporate and environmental image, invest in the right air quality monitoring services and devices.

It is important to make use of air quality consultants and specialists who are accredited and qualified and who also make use of the latest environmental service techniques to analyse air quality and monitor emissions. Understand your impact can be achieved with monitoring, analysis, and reporting

Air Quality Monitoring Services Offered by Gondwana Environmental Solutions

At Gondwana Environmental Solutions we offer ambient air quality monitoring and stack emission monitoring through the following services, processes and methods:

  • Continuous monitoring of fine particulate matter and trace gasses.
  • Dustfall monitoring (SANAS accredited laboratory).
  • Mobile and fixed-air quality monitoring stations.
  • Stack emissions monitoring.
  • Cost-effective air quality assessments using passive monitoring.

For more information on our air quality monitoring services, contact us at Gondwana Environmental Solutions today.

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