Climate Change Assessments and Strategies to Benefit South African Businesses

Climate change assessments and strategies are essential for businesses that want to avoid the negative implications our changing climate can have. What is the impact that changing weather patterns can have on a business? Is your business resilient in the face of extreme weather events?

With the right environmental management services and systems in place, you can safeguard the environment and your business. Climate change can affect businesses in the following ways:

  • Companies might need to upgrade their pollution control facilities and emission monitoring systems to comply with constantly changing regulations on emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
  • Fluctuating prices on goods and services. Companies that do not produce much pollution can also be affected by this as their suppliers and clients might be affected by climate change laws due to their emissions. Increases in electricity and transport costs are expected.
  • Poor publicity for businesses that don’t adhere to regulations or seem to be making no effort to boost their environmental responsibility. As climate changes affect market places and of course the comfort of living, companies with the heaviest emission and pollution levels will receive poor publicity.

Gondwana Environmental Solutions Offers Professional Climate Change Assessments and Strategies for Business and Government

At Gondwana Environmental Solutions we offer professional assistance, planning advice and guidance for companies seeking to minimise their contribution to climate change.

Our climate change impact assessments involve:

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Inventories.
  • GHG Emission Monitoring.

Our climate change strategies involve:

  • Status Quo Assessments.
  • Vulnerability Assessments.
  • Impact Assessments.
  • Adaptation Strategy Planning.
  • Mitigation Strategies.

To learn more about our services for climate change assessments and strategies, contact us at Gondwana Environmental Solutions today.

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