Environmental Services: Environmental Management Services for SA Businesses

All businesses in SA must ensure that their environmental management policies and procedures are up to date and operational. Environmental consulting companies are often hired to assess the impact that a business has on the environment and to present a policy or strategy to monitor as well as cease, control or limit this impact.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) are required before certain activities are undertaken, e.g., new developments/processes, or changes to existing developments/processes. Associated Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) are aimed at ensuring the sustainability of projects and legal compliance. Sustainability is based on socio-economic and environmental criteria and the strategies set in place must be implemented and adhered to by the business.

Environmental Management Services Provided by Gondwana Environmental Solutions

At Gondwana Environmental Solutions, we provide a range of environmental services which can be applied at various levels of the business or project. We provide our environmental management services to government, industry and private agencies. These services include the following:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Environmental Audits.
  • Environmental Control Officers.
  • Environmental Management Plans.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Environmental Process Engineering.

a) Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

  • Evaluation of the environmental impact of a project or proposed development
  • Consideration of socio-economic, social, cultural and environmental components.
  • Applied to both positive and negative impacts
  • Rectification of unauthorised developments
  • Obtain environmental authorisations

b) Environmental Audits

  • Auditing of construction activities to ensure environmental risk mitigation and compliance
  • Conduct legal audits of construction and operational sites
  • Control Officer (ECO) Audits

c) Environmental Management Programes (EMPr)

  • A tool to ensure sustainable management of environmental impacts.
  • Ensure that undue negative risks are avoided and mitigated
  • Ensure that duty of care is enforced
  • Ensure positive impacts are increased
  • Encourage environmental good-practice
  • Both construction and operational components.

d) Process Engineering

  • Estimate and/or minimise environmental impacts using process engineering tools such as mass balance analysis of the process.

e) Environmental Control Officer (ECO)

  • Independent auditor
  • Monitoring of compliance
  • Reporting of findings
  • Evaluation of developments against environmental authorisations and management programmes

f) Geograhic Information Systems (GIS)

  • The capture, storage, manipulation, analysis, management and visual presentation of spatial and geographical data.
  • An integrative hardware and software tool
  • Used as a predictive, explanatory and planning tool for a wide range of applications.

To learn more about our general environmental management services, contact us at Gondwana Environmental Solutions today.

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