Environmental Services: Waste Management

Waste management is vitally important for companies with high quantities or hazardous waste products. Each and every business in South Africa is urged to take its environmental responsibility seriously and ensure they implement an effective waste management plan. Companies that don’t have access to the right waste disposal facilities, or the know-how when it comes to environmental waste management processes, are expected to hire the services of a professional environmental waste management team.

Waste management services can include the likes of a total waste management solutions (storage, collection, transport and disposal), hazardous waste management, waste management planning and even site remediation.

Effective Waste Management Services Offered by Gondwana Environmental Solutions

At Gondwana Environmental Solutions we can assess your business premises and provide you with a report on your particular waste situation. We offer a variety of waste management services including:

  • Waste Management Plans – we can draw up a waste management strategy and plan which is specifically suited to the waste management needs of your company.
  • Waste Management Audits – companies that take their environmental responsibility seriously will ensure they are audited regularly to ensure their environmental impact is kept to a minimum. We offer professional waste management audits to our clients.

To learn more about our professional waste management services, contact us at Gondwana Environmental Solutions today.

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