Environmental Services: Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring is essential for South African businesses where water is used or generated as a waste product. In South Africa, all water use is regulated by the National Water Act of 1998. This act stipulates what water can be used for, where it can be used and in what quantities. It also advises on water waste products and how they are to be legally and efficiently disposed of.

Many companies operating in the mining industry, construction industries, manufacturing industries and various other industrial operations will make use of water on a large scale and their waste products will be similarly large. It is essential that such a company is aware of the quality of water it is receiving and producing as waste.

Water monitoring services must be provided by qualified environmental management services companies and at Gondwana Environmental Solutions, we provide these services to government, industry and private agencies.

Water Quality Monitoring Services Offered by Gondwana Environmental Solutions

At Gondwana Environmental Solutions we offer professional water monitoring and management services as follows:

  • Surface monitoring – SA mainly depends on surface water resources to serve its urban, industrial and irrigation needs. Unfortunately, many sources of pollution to surface water in the country include agricultural drainage (from irrigation wash-off, fertilisers and pesticides), industries’ chemical substances, mining acids and salts and effluent return flows (including bacteriological contamination, nutrients and salts). Water quality is monitored to ensure it is safe for human consumption and/or for other use.
  • Ground water monitoring – Unfortunately, ground water can also be polluted and contaminated. Groundwater is typically polluted through rain fall soaking through the earth or to the ground water source, carrying with it chemical and natural pollutants. Ground water sampling is done to ensure that this resource is not contaminated by industrial and other operations.
  • Water Use License (WUL) applications – companies making use of water for commercial use must apply for a license to do so. There are restrictions on water access and consumption and it is vitally important that your business is registered for the water it uses and for the way it disposes of waste into water systems.

To learn more about our water quality monitoring and management services, contact us at Gondwana Environmental Solutions today.

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