Ever wondered what’s in the air that you breathe at your business premises? If you are running a company, and manufacturing or doing anything that produces smoke or other emissions, air quality should be one of your primary concerns. Not only is air pollution dangerous to the health of those living and working near your factory, it also has a detrimental effect on the environment. In fact, the South African government has legislation that sets standards for air quality and acceptable emissions rates from industrial plants, to protect both our country’s environment and it’s people.

You can keep tabs on your businesses emissions through regular stack monitoring. If you are burning, or producing emissions in any way, stack monitoring is a vital part of your environmental plan to ensure that your emissions are within acceptable limits.

What are stack emissions and stack monitoring? 

A stack refers to the chimney at a factory or manufacturing plant, that is used to disperse hot air or smoke. The emissions are usually pollutants that result from industrial processes or combustion. Because the stacks disperse pollutants from such a great height, the effect of pollutants at ground level might not be clearly noticeable. So, in order to make sure that factory emissions are at a level that do not contaminate the atmosphere, regular testing of stack emissions is a must.

Stack monitoring helps you make good environmental decisions 

In South Africa, there is legislation that defines acceptable levels of pollutants in emissions, and all businesses – no matter what the industry – should check to see if they comply with this. In addition, certain types of business activities (Listed Activities) must complete Atmospheric Emission License (AEL) applications in order to operate legally.

As an essential part of an air quality management plan, stack monitoring gives you the facts on your emissions so that you can take action and develop strategies to reduce your toxic emissions. Not only is compliance a legal matter, it also improves your company’s environmental image with the public. In addition, by constantly evaluating your strategies, you can develop new ways of keeping emissions down in a healthy way that is also cost effective.

Gondwana Environmental Solutions 

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