Responsible waste management should be a priority for all companies and businesses in South Africa, especially when dealing with large quantities of waste, or with waste that is considered potentially dangerous to people and the environment. After all, the main goal of efficient waste management is to ensure reduced pollution and improved resource sustainability.

The question is, what is a waste management license and who must get one? We investigate below:

  • What is a Waste Management License?

A waste management license forms a part of the waste management legislation which seeks to regulate waste management in an effort to protect South African communities and the people / wildlife that reside within them.

  • Who Needs One? 

According to South African law, companies need to acquire a waste management license if they plan to:

  • Store hazardous waste
  • Recycle or re-use waste (particularly in large amounts)
  • Treat waste
  • Dispose of waste, especially on land

At the end of the day, if your company is to adhere to the strict waste management laws as set out by the government, it pays to have a waste management expert on your side to provide assistance. From waste management plans and strategies to waste management audits Gondwana Environmental Solutions will help you navigate your way towards developing and maintaining fast, efficient and safe waste management practices within your business.

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