even if he believes it because he lives on one

George Monbiot is a well-respected blogger on all things “environmental”. He is one of the lead columnists in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, now one of the most widely read newspapers in the world, thanks to its forward-thinking owners who continue to increase its digital footprint by making its information free.

Monbiot was a global warming denialist until recently when, presumably, the weight of scientific evidence overwhelmed his opinion. Now he fights in the global warming “corner”. None more so than in his latest blog about how the UK Government is playing two-faced politics with the world and its own citizens. Known as one of the free thinkers in the world, the UK is usually on the side of reason – not any longer. While signing all the protocols (ad infinitum) that limit emissions of greenhouse gases, the UK Government is now pushing ahead with, in Monbiot’s words, ‘a monster of a bill’, legislation that is a smack in the face of progress: the ill-considered Infrastructure Bill.

To a cut a long, tragic story short: the bill proposes that the UK gets every last bit of fossil fuel out of the ground to sustain its economic future. On the one hand, to bow to world opinion on what burning fossil fuel is doing to the atmosphere and furthering the warming of the planet and adding to climate change; on the other hand, in a bill that has been written in such a way that its convolution almost defies anyone getting to its constituent parts to launch objections. It flies in the face of the UK’s concern about the environment and effectively gives the rest of us two fingers and says we are going to go ahead with everything that increases the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, come hell or high water.

Hell on the one hand, is that its emissions curtailment policy is thrown away, and its “high water” could metaphorically come back to bite it in rising seas, more intense flooding and changing weather patterns. On an island, its west bordering on the Irish Sea, its east on the North Sea, it is inviting climate change to give it a frighteningly large economic battering that could far outweigh its so-called benefits from extracting the last fossil fuels it has on land and under the sea.

Is it any wonder that other nations will look at this, and follow suit? Economics saw the financial demise of good sense in 2008 and will again, if the world goes on an all-or-nothing snub of emission control. The UK Government may counter that they lead the world in some forms of renewable energy, the prime example being wind power. With their undoubted lead in this area, and their world-renowned wind farms adding more and more energy to the grid, they are almost posturing that they can get away with burning more fossil fuels, because they are countering this with renewable energy. What sort of thinking is that?

No one is an island on this planet. What goes around, comes around. While the planet battles the effects of climate change from the shores of the United States to the atoll islands in the Pacific; from the Bay of Bengal to the continent of South America, Nature’s own globalisation of sea currents, winds, hurricanes, tsunamis and a host of other weather-beaten patterns knows no boundaries.

Buyer beware. The world is on a crusade, and thinking like the UK Government is only going to fuel more fires, burn more carbon. Goodbye common sense, hello stupidity.