environmental management programme

Our environment is a precious natural resource in South Africa. As human beings, we will always have an impact on our environment – and this is especially true when we seek to modify our environment through construction such as building roads, houses, shopping centres and more. The challenge with construction projects is to ensure that potential negative impacts are managed. This is why having a sound environmental management programme in place is essential.


What is an environmental management programme?

An environmental management programme (EMPr) describes the proposed development and identifies potential mitigation measures to minimize negative impacts and to promote positive impacts of the proposed development. An EMPr should cover all areas of the proposed development, from pre-construction / planning activities, through construction phases, rehabilitation and even closure, where applicable. An EMPr is a “living” documents that should be kept updated as the development continues to ensure that it remains relevant.


When is an environmental management programme necessary?

An EMPr is required for all mining activities and all other activities that require an Environmental Impact Assessment. This is to ensure that activities that are detrimental to the environment are avoided, modified, remedied, controlled or stopped. All other businesses should consider having an EMPr in place to ensure that their activities do not negatively impact on the environment..


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