There is little doubt that, around the world, the man in the street is as confused by climate change science as well as its rebuttal from the sceptics.

The amount of information on the Internet on the topic is overwhelming.  The more you and I read, probably the more confused we become.  Scientists oppose their colleagues, and it is clear that we should not assume that 97 percent of climate scientists agree that man-made intervention is the cause of, dare we say it, global warning, sorry – that should be warming.

Greenhouse gases mass in the atmosphere, but we read that the levels of carbon dioxide, the main culprit of “global warming”, are down in the past, by some estimates.

So, who do we believe? Certainly not by who shouts loudest.  We need to tone down the egos and agree that the climate is changing and that it is a combination of factors that are causing it.  Since so many factors in combination produce climate change, they may now be as unlike as never before in the planet’s history.

That does not mean to say we can go on cannibalising the world’s resources, as is being done by denuding our rain forests, burning bitumen to get at the oil in Alberta Canada and of fracking the hell out of groundwater and sending the incredibly destructive gas, methane, into the atmosphere.

As humans, we are out of control in the way we treat the environment, but a far cry away from the cataclysm that the forces of nature exacted on the planet billions of years ago.

Is there likely to be an agreement anytime soon between the sceptics and supporters of climate change?  The two sides remain at loggerheads.

Perhaps governments around the world should get their two parties together and stop this. We have run out of worlds.  Colonising Mars is not the answer. Only real solutions to real problems will suffice. In the meantime, you and I must wait with bated breath that we are doing something constructive. Failure is not an option. We have to save our only home, starting now.