Water is a scarce natural resource that is unevenly distributed in South Africa. While it is a right of all persons to access water, water use has historically been unevenly used. The National Water Act (1998) aims to ensure the protection of water, the sustainable use of water and the equitable redistribution of water. These aims can be achieved through an integrated management approach.

The National Water Act provided the basis to develop a national water strategy to ensure sustainable use, protection, and equitable use of water. Permissible water use has been identified, to ensure that water is used sustainable. Types of water use include: where the National Water Act permits the use, where the water use has been previously authorised, or where water use has been licensed through a Water Use License or a General Authorisation.

Download the full Water Quality Act here.

Water monitoring services by Gondwana Environmental experts

Gondwana provides expert water monitoring services for companies in the mining, construction, manufacturing and various other industrial sectors. Some of the water monitoring services that we provide include the following:

  • Water Usage License (WUL) applications: Water use licenses are required if the activity is listed as one of 11 water uses that require licensing or if the activity is declared a controlled activity. Licensing for water is applicable to all persons in South Africa.
  • Ground and surface water monitoring: Groundwater and surface water can become polluted by a range of activities. Monitoring of these water sources can determine the level of pollution and thus, compliance with the National Water Act. groundwater can determine the level of pollution.

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