Is the world’s climate changing? Of course it is.  ‘Why? is not the issue, but what world leaders are doing to adapt to it’, is.

Without an international body like the United Nations conducting their seemingly merry-go-round of conferences, there would not be a concerted effort to harness the knowledge of climate experts, institutions and, above all, countries.

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Enter into our field of vision the annual COP conferences, the latest, COP23 which took place in November last year in Bonn, Germany. Total attendance, including the press, was in the region of 19,000 participants.

That’s a lot of people to shuttle around the world. Are we not trying to cut down on carbon emissions? What about all that flying around? Is not teleconferencing the answer? Delegates need to speak face-to-face. The sheer scale of meetings and action groups, to name but a few,is just too intricate to manage electronically.

The cost, though, is deemed acceptable; a drop in the ocean against what would happen without an organising body seeing that progress is being made.

From extreme weather, like the megastorms hitting the eastern seaboard in America, to drought, volcanic eruptions, melting glaciers, we are under siege. The threat of deforestation, of epidemics, of human migration, and of animals, habitat, and water are equally disturbing. Nature is throwing everything at us. We must continue to learn to adapt and seek solutions. Every setback brings new innovations, in thinking, in technology.

COP23 had some weighty problems to discuss, not the least of which is how all the work will be funded. We are not just talking about conferences, but on-the-ground work that allows us to adapt to, and mitigate against, climate change.

Particularly at risk are the “vulnerable” countries, whose GDP would fast be swallowed up if they had to fund climate change projects on their own.

Climate change is real, and needs some real solutions from real people. We cannot afford to be without the United Nations. We cannot afford to hide behind the rhetoric of climate deniers.

Our time is now. We must act. Doing nothing is not an option.

Find out what you can do.  Read up on what the United Nations, governments and institutions are doing. Google is just waiting for your questions.

In the next series of articles, I will keep you up to date on what is happening in and around climate change.