“The only thing worse than training your staff and having them leave, is not training your staff and having them stay”

Any person or organisation looking for a venue for training is welcome to hire the Gondwana Environmental Solutions offices. We are fully equipped with all the IT infrastructure, electronic equipment and training facilities that you will need to provide professional training. We are based at 562 Ontdekkers Road in Roodepoort, Gauteng. View the map to our offices.

The benefits of training your staff

Here are some of the top benefits of training your team members:

  • You choose which skills your team gains: Does your team need a course on social media marketing or LinkedIn networking? Or do you want people to brush up on their Microsoft Office skills, health and safety regulations or public speaking skills? You get to target the skills that are needed within your organization and transfer this knowledge to the right people.
  • Better employee satisfaction: Investing in your employees leads them to invest in your business in return. Happy and satisfied employees are known to provide better customer service and become brand ambassadors for your company.
  • Increase motivation and contribution: Taking the time to invest in training for your staff can increase the contributions they are able to make to your business and it can also help them become more motivated. Not only are they able to require more skills thanks to your time, money and effort, but they are also able to apply these new skills within their roles.

Gondwana Environmental Solutions commits to provide government, industry and private agencies with sophisticated and sustainable solutions that monitor, manage and mitigate the required compliance with current and future environmental legislation. Contact us for more information about hiring our venue for staff training.